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We are Unified Communication specialists and integrate businesses’ communication channels into a seamless experience that fits with business size and needs and provides technology fit for the future.
We support organizations in selecting, implementing, and maintaining business telephone systems, whether that’s a stand-alone system or a multi-site unified communication strategy, integrated with existing technology.

Helix provides a user-friendly cloud-based communications platform that helps easily manage team communications and collaboration. One simple cloud app delivers a seamless, unified experience while reducing complexity and costs and enabling employees to work when they want across any channel or device, to drive their specific business outcomes.

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Helix brings cloud nimbleness with custom and highly integrated infrastructure in a variety of configuration and cost structures to smaller organizations, improving the ability to scale operations to needs, adjust services according to demand, and implement cutting-edge technology without on-premises expertise. 

With the adaptability that cloud-based services provide, SMBs can establish themselves as more capable and dynamic for a more competitive market presence.
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Helix is a trusted partner and business advisor to large organizations and government agencies worldwide. We deliver a sound foundation on which to build from within the cloud. 

Whether looking to strengthen customer satisfaction, unify a dispersed workforce, centralize expertise, react more rapidly to opportunities, or improve the resiliency of backup and infrastructure services, Helix delivers dynamic platforms where results are more personal, immediate, and productive and where highly secure, available, and dependable computing environments can host the most sensitive data.
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Hosted vs On-Premise

At Helix, we offer premise-based systems and cloud-based solutions. Whether a business chooses a hosted or on-premise deployment depends on growth, budget, bandwidth, among other factors.
On Premise
Companies who want full ownership of the equipment and licenses

Companies who have the budget to buy the system outright
Companies who prefer to maintain phone service as a monthly expense
Level of control
Companies who want full control of their phone system including moves, adds, changes, fine-tuning network settings and advanced IVR creation
Companies with limited in-house IT support and/or who prefer the provider to handle the heavy lifting of phone system maintenance
IT staff
Companies with the resources and desire to maintain their own phone system
Companies who want to focus staff on other projects
Number of offices or remote users
Companies with single locations and on-site users
Companies who want to benefit from the flexibility of a modern, fully featured phone system that scales easily. If an organization has multiple offices, a cloud-based PBX enables access to a single phone system.
Number of users
Companies who have a consistent number of users
Companies who foresee significant growth or change of user numbers

VOIP Technology Services

We use VoIP technology to offer our customers flexible features and outstanding value.


VoIP telephone is less expensive than using a conventional phone. Making long distance phone calls are also cheaper when using a VoIP provider.


The convenience provided by a VoIP telephone system is available globally so long as one has Internet access. VoIP systems are also accessible via email when travelling internationally.


Aside from making phone calls, users can also conduct videoconferencing calling through their VoIP phone.


Users can still use a conventional phone and a VoIP converter or VoIP telephone adapter. A VoIP system will also allow users to acquire their own VoIP number, so no matter where they are traveling, if they have a high-speed Internet connection, they can receive phone calls to their number.


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 MAC Services

Business needs are always changing. Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) refer to the common onsite services that businesses require to run their networking needs within their physical space.
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Helix performs MAC requests for each system we support. Whether it is a change to cabling needs, phone system, or users' PCs, we work closely with our clients to understand their individual needs and provide an effective solution
MAC requests are typically driven as a result of an immediate need. We aim to complete all MAC requests quickly, to reduce any disruption to business.

A typical MAC request may be one of the following: 

  • Moving / relocating cable outlet locations from one wall to another 
  • Adding cabling for new user, workspace, or device such as a printer 
  • Changing a configuration to better meet the user's requirements 

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