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The core of our business

Helix was launched in 2009 as a structured cabling provider and it continues to be the core of our business. We provide comprehensive full-service infrastructure cabling services including consulting, design, supply, installation and project management of innovative technical solutions.
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Infrastructure Cabling is the backbone of any network.
Sometimes referred to as the fourth utility, just like water and power, most people don’t give it much thought until it doesn’t work. With the increasing interest in smart buildings, there is an even greater amalgamation of technologies, and a properly designed and installed Cabling backbone is the key to success. 

At Helix we provide comprehensive full-service infrastructure Cabling solutions for both Inside Plant (ISP) and Outside plant (OSP) including consultation, design, supply, installation, and project management.

With full-time RCDD certified professionals on staff, we engage with our clients to assess, design, implement, maintain and certify Inside Plant and Outside Plant Cabling infrastructures for companies from large-scale, multi-location projects through to boutique systems.

Our technicians are trained and tooled with copper and fibre testing and termination equipment. We operate in both urban and remote, rural areas, on commercial and industrial client sites. All of our operations are backed with a strong health and safety program.

Inside Plant Cabling (ISP) / Voice and Data Cabling

Helix ISP clients include large-scale commercial, institutional and retail rollouts. Helix employees work with our own vehicles, tools and test equipment.
Layout & design of telecommunications rooms & spaces
Cable tray & conduit design & installation
Copper & fiber optic backbone distribution systems
Horizontal cabling systems (voice, data, audio/video, BAS, DAS)
Passive optical networks (PON) design & installation
Centralized optical fiber cabling design & installation
Documentation & as-builts
25 year warranty solutions
Cabling design, architecture and estimation services by accredited RCDDs
RCDD certification services
MAC services
Material supply
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Outside Plant Cabling (OSP)

Helix OSP clients include industrial plants, organizations with a large campus, workforce housing camps and local access providers. We coordinate with civil contractors and work with our own splice vehicles and termination and test equipment.
Design & construction of underground & aerial pathways
Underground & aerial cable placement
Copper & fibre optic splicing
OTDR, power meter testing & documentation to current industry standards
Passive optical networks (PON) designs & installation
Campus backbone designs & installation
Emergency restoration and repairs
Maintenance & troubleshooting for all optical fibre cabling systems
Traffic management & permit procurement
25 year warranty solutions
Cabling design, architecture and estimation services by accredited RCDDs
RCDD certification services
MAC services
Material supply
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 MAC Services

Business needs are always changing. Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) refer to the common onsite services that businesses require to run their networking needs within their physical space.
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Helix performs MAC requests for each system we support. Whether it is a change to your cabling needs, phone system, or users PCs, Helix will work with you to understand your individual needs and provide a quick and effective solution.
MAC requests are typically driven as a result of an immediate need. We aim to complete all MAC requests quickly, working closely with our clients to complete these requests efficiently to reduce any disruption to their business.

A typical MAC request may be one of the following: 

  • Moving / relocating cable outlet locations from one wall to another 
  • Adding cabling for new user, workspace, or device such as a printer 
  • Changing a configuration to better meet the user's requirements 


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