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Mass notification systems (MNS) send messages to inform employees and the public to prepare for, respond to, and recover from critical events and emergencies.
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MNS improve the safety and security of the public or an organization by providing alerts and real-time instruction during crises, ranging from geological events to biological events, human-caused events, and technological events.
Today's more advanced systems are classified as emergency notification systems that can both transmit and receive communications in real time to help with the coordination and response to these events.

In terms of business continuity and disaster recovery, a mass notification system plays a significant role in protecting organizations from complete data loss and businesses from coming to a standstill.

Emergency notification software can alert management to a problem as soon as possible and, if necessary, notify the fire department or other emergency personnel as required. These systems can also inform employees as to when it is safe to return to work.
Helix provides MNS to customers across a range of industries including:
Consulting and project management
Design (evaluation, site surveying, predictive design)
Installation (setting up, configuration)
Commissioning (confirmation it does what it was intended to do)
Maintenance (ensuring the solution is maintained and 100% effective when needed)


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 MAC Services

Business needs are always changing. Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) refer to the common onsite services that businesses require to run their networking needs within their physical space.
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Helix performs MAC requests for each system we support. Whether it is a change to your cabling needs, phone system, or users PCs, Helix will work with you to understand your individual needs and provide a quick and effective solution.
MAC requests are typically driven as a result of an immediate need. We aim to complete all MAC requests quickly, working closely with our clients to complete these requests efficiently to reduce any disruption to their business.

A typical MAC request may be one of the following: 

  • Moving / relocating cable outlet locations from one wall to another 
  • Adding cabling for new user, workspace, or device such as a printer 
  • Changing a configuration to better meet the user's requirements 

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