Adaptable and Integrated Solutions
  • Integrated Technologies: From concept to completion, we provide solutions that blend with your business operations.
  • Nimble Solutions: We adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape to deliver flexible and dynamic services.
  • Turnkey ICT Solutions: Our services include the design assist, procurement, and implementation of complete ICT solutions encompassing OSP, ISP, fibre, and copper networks.
  • IP Endpoint Solutions: We supply and install IP endpoints such as CCTV, Wi-Fi, access control, PAGA, DAS, digital signage, and audio/visual systems.
  • Post-Build Programs: Our service and maintenance programs are designed to provide peace of mind post-completion.

Expertise in Commercial Connectivity

Helix brings decades of experience to commercial sites of all scopes and industries. Our deep technical knowledge and unwavering commitment to professional service ensure that our commercial clients receive efficient and comprehensive solutions. Equipped with the latest tools and equipment, we deliver efficiency and thoroughness in every project.

Innovation: We embrace robust technologies to deliver advanced solutions.

Self-Sufficiency: Our team is equipped to handle complex challenges independently.

Design Assist: Expert planning and design assist ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics.

Complete Connectivity: From initial design to final implementation, we provide seamless integration.

Service and Maintenance: Ongoing support ensures longevity and performance of your systems.

Our Sector Experience and Expertise

A Legacy of Diverse Commercial Projects
  • Nationwide Presence: Our footprint spans across Canada, with projects in government, education, health care, hospitality, and retail sectors.
  • Safety and Efficiency: With our safety certifications and proper equipment, we ensure that every installation meets the highest standards.
  • Proper Tools and Vehicles: We are fully equipped with the necessary tools, testers and vehicles to execute projects of any scale.

Partner with Helix for Your Commercial Needs

Ready to enhance your commercial space with integrated technology solutions? Contact Helix today and experience the power of complete connectivity and innovative design tailored to your business needs.

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