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When you choose Helix for your industrial or energy project, you're choosing a partner committed to delivering technical excellence and innovation.
We're not just a technology provider; we're a partner in efficiency, safety, and technologically advanced industrial environments.

 to Excellence

At Helix, our commitment goes beyond service delivery. We focus on creating a safe working environment, promoting sustainable practices, and ensuring precise execution in every aspect of our projects. This commitment to excellence forms the foundation of our success in the industrial and energy sectors.
  • Adherence to Health and Safety: At Helix, we uphold stringent health and safety practices tailored to the unique requirements of large industrial sites, ensuring a secure working environment.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Our commitment extends beyond just technical solutions; we are dedicated to environmental awareness and improvement, actively engaging in sustainable practices.

  • Accurate Documentation: Precision in documentation is key to our operations. We ensure all processes are completed accurately, on time, and in full detail.

  • Proactive Design Assistance: Collaborating closely with engineering and operations teams, we provide effective on-site solutions from the initial design phase, ensuring seamless project integration.

  • Self-Sufficiency: Equipped with the necessary tools and expertise, we pride ourselves on our ability to operate independently, ensuring smooth project execution.

  • ISP and OSP Solutions: Specializing in both Inside Plant (ISP) and Outside Plant (OSP) services, we handle supply, installation, and testing of fibre and copper networks with precision.

  • Advanced Technology Integration: We supply and install a range of IP endpoints, including CCTV, Wi-Fi, access control, PAGA, and DAS, supporting the technological infrastructure of industrial sites.

  • Continuous Operations and Site Audits: Understanding the importance of uninterrupted operations, we conduct thorough pre- and post-build site audits to maintain the highest standards.

  • Post-Build Maintenance: Our service extends beyond project completion, offering post-build preventative maintenance and service contracts to ensure ongoing operational efficiency.


We offer a wide range of services, from supply and installation of critical infrastructure to post-build maintenance. Our expertise in ISP and OSP solutions, coupled with our technology integration capabilities, ensures that we provide solutions tailored to the unique needs of the industrial and energy sectors.

 and Productivity

At Helix, we understand the critical importance of continuous operations and adherence to safety standards in the industrial sector. Our promise to you is a partnership that guarantees minimal downtime, maximum safety, and efficient project execution, aligning with the high standards of the industrial environment.
  • No Downtime: Helix understands the critical need for continuous operations in the industrial sector. We are dedicated to minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted productivity.
  • Expert Team Support: Our clients and staff in the field are backed by a strong in-house administration and documentation team, ensuring every project need is met with expertise and efficiency.
  • Alignment with Industrial Standards: Our commitment to health and safety not only meets but exceeds the standards required at industrial sites, ensuring a safe and compliant working environment.

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