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When you choose Helix for your industrial or energy project, you're choosing a partner committed to delivering technical excellence and innovation.
At Helix, we work closely with general contracting firms and electrical subcontractors, sharing our technical expertise with a professional, self-sufficient approach that allows us to be a trusted partner. We do the job efficiently, with experience and insight that enhances the general contracting firm’s scope of work.

Helix Services

Helix IT offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored for the general contracting sector including:
Health and Safety
Upholding the highest standards of health and safety, we ensure all our practices meet the rigorous demands of large industrial sites.
Environmental Commitment
Dedicated to environmental stewardship, we actively engage in practices that promote sustainability and ecological responsibility.
Detailed Documentation
Our documentation process is meticulous, ensuring every detail is captured accurately and delivered on time.
Design Assist
Collaborating proactively with engineering and operations, we provide innovative, effective solutions right from the design phase.
Equipped with the right tools and expertise, we pride ourselves on our ability to operate independently and efficiently.
ISP and OSP Solutions
Specializing in ISP and OSP services, we offer comprehensive solutions for fibre and copper installations, testing, and certification.
ISP and OSP Solutions
Expert in placing ISW copper and fibre, we ensure seamless connectivity across your network infrastructure.
ISW Splicing and Testing
Our precise ISW splicing and termination techniques are complemented by thorough testing for optimal network performance.
Site Audits
Conducting thorough pre- and post-build site audits, we ensure all aspects of the project meet our high standards.
Integrated IP Solutions
We supply and install a range of IP endpoints like CCTV, Wi-Fi, and PAGA, ensuring a comprehensive security and communication setup.
Submarine Fibre Services
Our submarine fibre optic services are designed for optimal performance and reliability in underwater environments.
Air Blown Fibre Testing
Specializing in air blown fibre duct integrity testing, we ensure the highest standards of fibre optic cable installation.
Post-Build Maintenance
Our post-build services include preventative maintenance and service contracts to ensure long-term operational efficiency.
CCDC Compliance
Our comprehensive understanding and compliance with CCDC practices underscore our commitment to legal and ethical standards.
Continuous Operations
We recognize the critical importance of continuous operations and are dedicated to minimizing downtime in industrial environments.
Drone Services
Utilizing advanced drone and aerial footage services, we provide unique perspectives and essential data for your projects.

Our Focus

Partners with GC and EC

Forging strong partnerships with general contractors and electrical contractors, we bring our technical know-how and collaborative spirit to every project, ensuring a cohesive and efficient working relationship.

Deliver on Budget

Our commitment to cost-effectiveness ensures that we consistently deliver top-tier IT solutions within the agreed budget, providing value without compromising quality.

Deliver on Time

Time is of the essence in any project. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet deadlines, ensuring that our segment of the work is completed on schedule, every time.

Technical Expertise

With our technical expertise, we support  general contracting firms, as well as electrical contractors, with turnkey ICT solutions that meet all requirements for the overall scope of work.

Provide Administrative Support

Our administrative support is geared towards making projects run smoothly. From documentation to coordination, we handle the details so that our partners can focus on the big picture.


Equipped with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, our team operates with a high degree of self-sufficiency, ensuring minimal reliance on external factors for project success.

 to Excellence

At Helix, our commitment goes beyond service delivery. We focus on creating a safe working environment, promoting sustainable practices, and ensuring precise execution in every aspect of our projects. This commitment to excellence forms the foundation of our success in the industrial and energy sectors.
  • Robust Health and Safety Practices: Adherence to stringent health and safety standards for large industrial sites.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Commitment to environmental awareness and sustainable improvement practices.
  • Precise Documentation Processes: Accurate, timely, and detailed documentation for all projects.
  • Proactive Design Assistance: Collaboration with engineering and operations teams for effective on-site solutions.
  • Self-Sufficiency in Operations: Well-equipped with tools and resources for independent and efficient project execution.
  • Comprehensive ISP and OSP Services: Supply, installation, testing, and certification of fiber and copper networks.
  • IP Endpoint: Supply and installation of IP Endpoints such as CCTV, DAS, security, AV, VOIP and Wi-Fi.

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