Workforce Housing

At Helix we specialize in remote industrial design build projects and have completed numerous projects for new and retrofit workforce housing builds. 

Design Assist and Installation Expertise

Crafting Modern, Technologically Integrated Living Spaces

At Helix, we excel in creating high-quality, technologically advanced workforce housing solutions, particularly for remote industrial design-build projects. 

Our extensive experience in both new constructions and retrofits sets us apart, with a focus on integrating comprehensive IT and telecommunications systems to create a connected, comfortable living environment.

Our design assist practice is adept in both modular and stick frame installations, offering end-to-end service and support. From concept to on-site completion, we ensure every aspect of IT integration is seamlessly incorporated, including telecommunications systems, ensuring a fully connected living experience.

Comprehensive Services for Workforce Housing

Delivering a Full Suite of IT and Telecommunications Solutions

Helix offers a wide array of services tailored to workforce housing needs:

  • Design Assist: Guiding the project from initial concept through to completion.
  • ISP and OSP: Ensuring robust internal and external network connectivity.
  • Server and Networking Systems: Building the backbone of your IT infrastructure.
  • Security and Monitoring: Including advanced door locks and camera systems.
  • Audio Visual and Voice Solutions: For effective communication and entertainment.
  • Wi-Fi and Entertainment Content: Keeping residents connected and entertained.
  • Post-Construction Service and Support: Ensuring ongoing operational excellence.

Elevate Your Workforce Housing Project

Ready to transform your workforce housing project with cutting-edge IT solutions? 
Contact Helix to discover how our expertise can enhance your next remote industrial design-build project.
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